Camino de Santiago | Day 9

Najera – Santo Domingo

13.64 | 139.17 miles

+ 1,506 | -1,012 feet

I think there may be many miracles on the Camino. One of them is how well you feel in the morning (it is certainly not a soft bed or plush pillows). I did sleep for 9 hours but I was so refreshed this morning. I stretched out the morning stiffness and it was if I hadn’t walked 36 miles in the last two days!

After a great breakfast I was on my way by 7:40. What a beautiful day!

I couldn’t stop taking pictures. The sun was out but it was a cool 55 degrees. I kept stopping so I could just look around and take it all in.

Not far into the walk I met up with another Michelle, who was at my table for breakfast this morning. Having the same pace, we walked together all day. It was already a “soft” day (I never thought I would think 13 miles was just an easy walk) and the conversation was nice. We plan to meet up for a drink this evening.

Catedral de Santo Domingo de la Calvados

Every city has its patron saint, and we seem to be in the season of their feasts. I caught part of the procession today when I first arrived in town. I appreciate being able to experience some of the locale culture.

The cathedral of Santo Domingo hosts chickens due to a miracle of a resurrected chicken to prove a man’s innocence.

A miracle is attributed to Dominic according to which two beheaded cooked chickens resurrected to testify in favor of a pilgrim wrongly accused of theft.

A pair of descendants of the chickens are kept at all times in the choir loft of the cathedral. Other descendants are kept in the local pilgrimage refuge.

If you look closely, you can see the rooster in the bottom left.

This miracle may have truly happened. But as in Israel (does this church actually mark the exact spot of the miracle of multiplication?) – it doesn’t really matter because the story is a statement of faith. This miracle of the resurrected chicken is a miracle of justice and return to the community. These are aspects of God we know are true. The story of this cathedral is a statement to that truth, even if the story of resurrected chickens is not. Although who am I to say that it did not happen just that way!

My shadow selfie.

Buen Camino

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  1. Linda

    I have kept up to date with your journey. Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts and hoping that you are
    finding what you are looking for. The pictures are wonderful! Linda

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