Camino de Santiago | Day 8

Longrono – Najera

18.30 | 125.53 miles

+ 1,876 | -1,558 feet


The day began with a good breakfast and disappointment. My bag was not at the post office. “Later today or later tomorrow,” they said, “if you can wait.” Well I can’t really wait. The whole suitcase thing is my own fault because I forgot the days from Pamplona to Logrono was only three business days including the morning I dropped my bag off. It took an hour, but the clerk said I could pay the same fee plus three euros and it would be in Burgos on Friday, which is where I was going to send it next. I wasn’t able to get the things that I needed out of it, although I suppose none of them are crucial. I ran out of my vitamins and will probably run out of toothpaste and face moisturizer. I don’t have my guidebook. But I have all my prescriptions with me. All will be well.

I was finally on my way at 9:30 and feeling down. I needed a hug! The Camino was not well marked out of Logrono, and I needed to get the map out quite often. Once I was out of the main part of the city and on the trail way, several local people said, “Buen Camino,” as they passed on their own walk. This warmed my heart and reminded me of why I was here. All will be well.

Pantano de La Grajera

On the trailway, I came to a beautiful reservoir, which I walked all the way around. I saw swans and ducks in a cove.

The sun was out but the temperature was not hot and there was a nice breeze. All is well.

I stopped at Iglesia Neustra Signora de las Asunción in Navarette. This small little town has a gilded church.

As I’m in these churches, I don’t understand the statues and icons; several have had Christ lying in a glass coffin. I can identify Madonna with child but I often cannot figure out the others because they are not only apostles but also Saints or other religious figures. I don’t understand the random heads (often children which I assume to be angels) that are part of these large walls behind the altar.

Iglesia Santa Maria de Los Arcos

I sit down in these churches, but they do not feel like a worship space for me. Maybe I just don’t expect to meet God here.

Even though this is not my style and I don’t understand it, I can appreciate the generations and generations that contributed the funds to furnish these churches. Many devout people have sat in these same pews and met God here. All of this gold and decoration led them to the adoration of God. Many have viewed these glass tombs of the crucified Christ and were overcome by their sin and the miracle of forgiveness.

Iglesia San Andres in Zariquiegui

I wonder how many pilgrims came through these small towns and saw these beautiful churches and felt community as the body of Christ when they were far from home. I am more likely to meet God on the trail than in these churches, but I still appreciate their past and the great cloud of witnesses they represent, the diverse ways we show our faith, and how God meets us in many ways and places.

It was a very long day. My feet are quite sore. I found a small grocery to make dinner and stopped for a Tinto de Verano (my new favorite summer drink) on the way back to the auberge. I’m hoping sleep works its miracle again, and I feel fresh tomorrow. I’m thankful it’s a short walk of only 21 kilometers. All is well.

Buen Camino

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3 Thoughts to “Camino de Santiago | Day 8”

  1. M

    You have had 2 very long days so hope you have a good rest tonight. I think when we “toured” churches, that I felt like a tourist instead of a worshipper. I looked at the map app and it showed me 3 generic routes to walk and shortest had steps. Did you have steps? ❤️

    1. There were some steps up to a bridge but otherwise I don’t remember any.

    2. I did have almost 40,000 steps yesterday.

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