Prayers for the People: Scripturally Based Prayers for Worship is a collection of prayers for worship. These prayers offer the worshipping community fresh perspectives for praying the words of Scripture, using current language and references. Cross-referenced to the Revised Common Lectionary, pastors seeking to lead their people in prayer have found a relevant and beautiful source for worship planning.







Come to the Table: Communion Liturgies of Invitation to Celebrate and Experience the Love of God is a collection of communion liturgies inviting worshippers to experience and respond to the Gospel. These meaningful liturgies enhance and reinforce the biblical message of the day. Worshippers are welcomed to the Table to experience the Word in preparation to go out into the world and live it. Come to the Table includes liturgies for the entire liturgical year providing pastors with a valuable resource in worship planning.

“The beautifully crafted liturgies usher one into an opportunity to see Christ through conversion of heart and a deepened meaning of the sign and symbol of the Eucharist.” – Rev. Dr. Christian D. Boyd, Pastor of Southminster Presbyterian Church

Come to the Table has a strong theological foundation, with the challenges and joys of this modern life at its heart, written with the artistry of poetry, and filled with expansive and inclusive language.” – Rev. Nicole Farley, Pastoral Artist & Founder of A New Creation arts ministry

Come to the Table is beautifully written, rich in insights and eminently useable by pastors of all ages, backgrounds and experience.” – Rev. L John Gable, Senior Pastor Tabernacle Presbyterian Church

“I highly recommend Come to the Table to pastors and worship leaders seeking creative 21st century liturgies for celebrating the Eucharist.” – Rev. Marilyn Gamm, Transitional Pastor, Faith Des Peres Presbyterian Church

“This book deserves a place on every pastor’s shelf.” – Rev. Stephanie Thompson, Evangelical Covenant Church