Camino de Santiago | Day 3

Zubiri to Pamplona

13.88 | 43.84 miles

+1,650 | – 1,910 feet


“No tienes amigas?”

Tengo amigas! This was the question from the server this morning at breakfast. I’m traveling solo, so yes, I do have friends but none that will be eating breakfast with me. In Roncevalles, they put me at a table by myself for dinner and breakfast. Everyone else was sitting at tables for two or large tables with lots of conversation. I was thankful last night to sit at a large table between a couple from the UK and another from Italy. The auberge provided the table with two bottles of wine for 10 people. The man from Italy immediately ordered two more at 2€ each. We can all buy wine for the table at 2€ per bottle!

Arriving in Zubiri yesterday.

Last night I had a dream that I was finished with the Camino and back home. I was sad that it was over, had gone so fast, and that I couldn’t really remember it. When I woke up, I realized I was still in Spain and of course I couldn’t remember it because I was only two days in.

It was a good reminder to be intentionally present. So far, I’ve been walking without earbuds – as are almost everyone I’ve seen. This is so different than at home where everyone seems to have something in or on their ears. At some point I’ll listen to music, but as you travel along the path you cannot easily talk with people or even say or hear, “Buen Camino.”

Today we walked to the melody of the Rio Arga and a nearby motorway.

The Camino this is very much a walk of the community at the same time it is also each person’s own individual walk.

Entering Pamplona.
Not quite running with the bulls.

Now, I’m waiting for the church of San Saturino to open for a tour and prayers. Since I had a late lunch today, I’ll skip dinner and head to bed early.

Iglesia San Saturino

I leave you with this video of impromptu singing at this morning’s stop for coffee. Some of what he sang must have been, because his two friends would laugh occasionally. Google Translate gave me this for a translation:

Today to God in the air today to God in the sea I give you to my life to hear. Sing today now…

From a full moon you stay. From the moon I haven’t been back again, but I’m going to take a suit now. He says that what I wait for the most is the most delayed.

Hey, God in the air. To God, I give you to my life to hear you sing to the world.

Buen Camino.

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