Camino de Santiago | Day 2

14.27 | 28.96 miles

1,615 feet ascent | 2,889 feet descent


Today began in a fog. It lifted after about two hours and was beautiful while it lasted.

Miracle of miracles, I was not sore when I woke up. I was shocked!

After my carbalicious breakfast (impossible to avoid gluten if you want to eat but at least it doesn’t impact me as much as in US), I headed out.

I did not order this – it was the house breakfast.

Really beautiful as most of today was through woods. At the end of the woods as we entered a town, I found out this was where the most well-known covens of the 16th century were. I wonder if they meant it was well known for covens to be there. I don’t think witches wanted to be well known since they burned them in the town square.

The most exciting thing today was that although I didn’t run with the bulls (I’ll be in Pamplona tomorrow) I was galloping with the horses. I think if I was in the middle of nowhere it may have been scary, but these horses are here with people every day all day long. The biggest danger was the horse apples.

I saw a man yesterday who carried nothing with him but a bag of water with a water bottle in it. It looked like as though he just stopped at the store and then decided to walk for seven or eight hours. He stopped me at dinner last night and said that I walk fast because I passed him even though he had no luggage, and I had my pack on.

Today when I saw him, he had a bigger shopping bag. He said yesterday he saw people alongside the path eating and thought that was a good idea. Today, he had sardines in his bag along with his water – his luggage is at the hotel ahead of him. I told him I also had a suitcase I would have delivered every several days. “Why do you have so much in your bag?” he asked.

That’s probably always a good question! Why is it that we carry so much baggage around?

I did try to make my pack as light as possible for these first difficult days, but I probably don’t need everything in it. I suppose I could get rid of the first aid kit but I’m pretty sure that if I do, then I will need it. I have a small blanket but since I’m not staying in any bunk room style auberges right now, I probably don’t need it. I only have one other change of clothes besides what I’m wearing plus a pair of pants, a rain jacket, something to sleep in, and a clean shirt to wear after I shower. Other than that, it’s just some miscellaneous things, some granola bars, and peanut butter. Then there’s the water, which is heavy. I thought this morning it is a good thing to drink water early in your walk – not just so you stay hydrated but more so your bag becomes lighter.

There are things I don’t need in my pack but I’m carrying them anyway. There’s probably emotional baggage I don’t need either. I might be traveling lighter by the time arrive in Santiago de Compostela. May we all travel lighter.

One last climb over the bridge and I’ll be home for the night.

It was good to get to Zubiri – except the auberge had no hot water. I went down to the receptionist, and she said, “Yes, I just fixed it. It was red.” I don’t think she meant red for hot but red there’s a problem with the hot water. I waited for it to heat up but after an hour, I gave up. I washed my hair and took as much of a shower I could without actually getting in the water. Hopefully, I’ll get a hot shower before I go to sleep tonight. But if not, there’s always tomorrow.

Buen Camino

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6 Thoughts to “Camino de Santiago | Day 2”

  1. Ann Gibbs

    I’m so glad you are sharing your journey; I can live vicariously through you! Continued prayers for you as you live out this dream. It looks spectacular.

  2. Marilyn Ahrens

    Really enjoy reading your daily posts! I admire you for doing this!

  3. Kathy Augustyn

    Keep the water close and lessen the baggage by only bringing the things you know you’ll need! The rest are the “what ifs”. They become the what ifs!

  4. Jennifer O'Connor

    Ah, yes, the baggage we carry..

  5. Jennifer

    Love the question and certainly one to reflect on – why do we carry so much baggage. Also – drinking water early definitely has more than one benefit :). Congrats on finishing your first two hard days!

  6. Mom

    Love your post, photos, and video and it looked like a beautiful walk. I would keep the first aid kit also.❤️

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