One person considers some days to be more sacred than others, while another person considers all days to be the same. Each person must have their own convictions. – Romans 14:5 (CEB)

No theological statements today about how Jesus is the One.  Or in Jesus’ eyes, we are number one (fully loved).  Because today, Youngest plays to be number one.  His football team has gone undefeated through the season and four rounds of play-offs.  Today is the state championship.

Being number two isn’t acceptable.

If he’s number two, it won’t matter that the team has won the conference championship for 18 years (longer than most of the players have been alive).  It won’t matter that they scored over 330 points through conference play while allowing just over 14 points.  The play-offs have been just as impressive: 168-44, with most of the opponents points coming in the second half when the starters had been benched.  Will it matter if they aren’t number one?

Will it matter if they aren’t number one? #FMF #HomesteadHighlandersfootball #BeMighty Click To Tweet

Making it to the state championship is an amazing accomplishment.  Wisconsin has over 200 high school footballs teams, of which only 14 are still playing football 13 weeks after that first kick-off in August.

We all want to be number one.  And I hope (and to be honest, pray) that Youngest is number one today.  But whether they end the day as number one or number two, I also hope (and pray) that when the either the thrill or the hurt subside, he can marvel at being part of something bigger than himself.  That win or lose, he has a sense of peace knowing he left it all out on the field.  May he know that while this is the biggest day of his life so far, it is still only one day of a beautiful life.

Oh, and go Highlanders!

update: State Champions with 14-0 season!


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3 Thoughts to “one”

  1. What a great achievement to get to the state final! I hope it goes well for your son and his team and that however it turns out they enjoy the day!

  2. Muskego Glenn

    A great thought for today. I will be forwarding this to my sister-in-law who has a daughter who plays for Stritch, just won the Women”s Soccer CCAC finals and are going to Nationals in Ohio this weekend. I love the last line of this post. It says it all.

    1. And good luck to your niece and Muskego as well!

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