I Believe that We Will Win

Sing a new song to the LORD,
for he has done wonderful deeds.
His right hand has won a mighty victory;
his holy arm has shown his saving power! – Psalm 98:1 (NLT)

As I mentioned in one, Youngest’s football team went 14-0 this season with their win at the state championship last week.  Throughout the season, they not only scored on every opening drive, but often put up several touchdowns in the first quarter.  In Wisconsin high school football, if you are up by 35 or more in the second half, you get a running clock.  This happened almost every game (including the state championship).

The starters usually played the opening drive of the second half and then sat out the rest of the game. As a result, the opposing team would often score a touchdown in the second half.  When this happened, the most common chant I heard from the other side’s student section was “I believe that we will win.”

As parents, we kind of chuckled when this would happen.  Of course, they weren’t going to win.  We were up by several touchdowns.  We could always put the starters back in.

However, I loved this chant. It made me happy that they got the touchdown (shhh, don’t tell Youngest) because I don’t like to see a shut-out in a high school game.  Regardless of whether they were at home or had travelled to our field, parents and students love their team like we do.  I want the student’s to have school spirit.  I want the players to be celebrated.

But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world. – 1 John 4:4 (NLT)

I love the suggestion that hope springs eternal even when the odds and circumstances suggest otherwise.  Every time I hear this chant – “I believe that we will win!” – it makes me think that this is the mantra of the Church.  I see the world theologically, which means football has its teachable moments.

I think my kids often feel this way.

Some chuckle when we talk about the in-breaking of God’s Kingdom as the kingdoms of this world continue to wage war and violence invades our most sacred places.  Or when we continue to work for justice even as injustice increases.  It’s “cute” that we proclaim the Lord’s coming every time we celebrate the Eucharist when it’s been 2,000 years.  We declare victory over death when people continue to die.  The poor are always among us, yet we continue to feed, house, and clothe them.

We do these things not because the odds are in our favor or because our circumstances suggest that otherwise.  We live this way because we believe that we will win.

We believe that we have already won – even if we are still waiting to see the fullness of victory.

We do these things not because the odds are in our favor or because our circumstances suggest that otherwise. We live with #hope because we believe that we will win. Click To Tweet

May we celebrate our victories and rejoice over changed lives even when the losses also pile up and systems seem unchangeable.  For each yard that is gained or touchdown that is scored is a reminder that our hope is eternal.  And when we come to the end of eternity, we will have indeed won.


I looked up and saw a white horse standing there. Its rider carried a bow, and a crown was placed on his head. He rode out to win many battles and gain the victory. – Revelation 6:2 (NLT)


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2 Thoughts to “I Believe that We Will Win”

  1. Muskego Glenn

    I hope that when difficult decisions are made, they are the right decisions in God’s eyes. There’s hope and then there’s history to learn from. Which takes precedence?

    1. I think it depends on what we are hoping. These other teams knew they weren’t going to win the game but it was OK to celebrate the small win within the game. One reason I like it when the other team scores, is for the players to have their hard work validated and celebrated. In the ever hopeful context of my mind, I want the journey to mean something for them – working hard for what you love, playing with teammates towards a common goal, pride in effort even if the outcome isn’t what you’d hoped for. I think this translates to our life of faith as well.

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