Jesus, God, Holy Spirit — although you are one, you are also community.  You remind us by your very being that we were created to be in community with you and one another. The full truth of this may always remain unknown to us, in the same way you are truly unknowable. Despite our shortcomings, lead us to live within the fullness of your truth.

It is in your grace we find the courage to live a life that offers grace to others. May the freedom of our wholeness in you lead us to the ways of justice. Even when not to our personal advantage, let us yield our rights for the dignity of others. May we find our shared humanity with all, just as you shared humanity with us.

It is in your love we find the strength to love others. You teach us to seek out those on the margins of life and bring them into the folds of relationship and dignity. When wandered, when we wander, you have not left us on our own for love is what you desire. May we pursue others in love as you have pursued us.

It is in your communion we find the strength to be humble, be merciful. For it is not on our own that we do these things, but you living within us. Let us overflow with the fruit of your Spirit so that peace and joy, goodness and kindness, would fill the world. May we comfort others in the same way you comfort us.

Jesus, God, Holy Spirit — we ask that you would teach us to walk in your ways of patience, mercy, and generosity.  When confronted by that which is unknown and unfamiliar, we pray that your presence would firmly guide us.  When overwhelmed by suffering and injustice, we pray that you would teach us to walk one step at a time and simply love the person who is in front of us. Just as we are known by you, may you be known to others through us.

With both uncertainty of where our discipleship will take us and the boldness of trust, we pray. Amen.

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4 Thoughts to “unknown”

  1. Great job!

    Lord, let me wisely spend my days,
    though I go down to defeat;
    let me offer You my praise,
    and see Your face in those I meet.
    Let me not attempt to hold
    my life as precious in my grasp
    but rather help my heart be bold
    and send me other hands to clasp.
    Grant to me Your inner peace
    that though I fall, I will yet rise
    to meet you in the bright release
    of rapture in the sun-swept skies.
    Dear Lord, I ask my presence poured
    that it may be in Your heart restored.

    1. Our body might be defeated but as we still offer our praise we have victory – even in death.

  2. Amen! Beautiful prayer!

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