I think our souls are like the ocean.
There is a vastness to us that defies our understanding.
An eternity, that at the same time, seems to have its limits.

Our depths have great mystery.
Hiding both beauty and menace.
The opportunity for both healing and harm.

all we see are the bright blues and greens –
the promise of pure and good things.

But there are also the places where the garbage gathers.
Swirling islands of plastic bags and water bottles
and things we have thrown away.

Away from the casual viewer.

Seemingly gone, but not really.

But even in the midst of this, the ocean offers hope and life.
It is a wellspring of abundance.

Certainly, my soul is my own.
But the ocean is connected to every other ocean.
And my soul is connected to every other soul.

For it is God who created the oceans and our souls, breathing life into both.

I think our souls are like the ocean.
Let us plumb its depths.

Let heaven and earth praise God,
the oceans too, and all that moves within them!
Psalm 69:34 (CEB)


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6 Thoughts to “ocean”

  1. I think WordPress may have eaten my attempt to comment!

    Anyway, great post. I’m not sure if I have any depth; just trying to survive the next vicious hour.

    1. Oops. Sorry. It did post after all…

  2. Well-done, and you raise an interesting question.

    In the cornered-rat-life of terminal cancer, I’m finding that there’s rather less to me than I thought there was; depth was affectation, and the reality now is almost one-dimensional. The next physical step I take will hurt far more than I can say, and all of my attention is concentrated thereon.

    One might be tempted to adopt Paul’s “This one thing I do…” but I’m afraid that would be a kind of posturing.

    It’s simply Groundhog Day at The Alamo, and I’m waiting for the bayonets of the next hour, with resignation and an oddly comfortable familiarity.

    And tomorrow will be worse.

    1. lifeinthelabyrinth

      We can only take one step at a time. May you be physically aware of God’s presence with you along the way.

  3. This is beautiful and I absolutely agree. I am such a metaphorical thinker… But I’m curious, what about the people who not only seem to have no depth, but do not personally identify with it in any way/shape/form?

    1. lifeinthelabyrinth

      I wonder if even those who seem to have no depth actually do but haven’t ever ventured deep enough to experience it – they have never plumbed the depths. Similar to how God has placed eternity in our souls but not all acknowledge God or the idea of eternity. The world is round even though some people might still argue that it is flat. Maybe those who can’t identify with it are stuck in shallow cove without knowing they are connected to something greater.

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