Worship to Go: God, our Creator

Good times at the lake.

Heading out to the lake, woods, or campground this 4th of July weekend?  In case you don’t make it to church, take this Worship to Go service with you.  This worship service is designed to be experienced outside.  You may do it as a single service, perhaps as you take a walk stopping seven times – or over seven days.



God, our Creator

Creator God, once again we come into your presence to worship you and be in fellowship with one another.  Lord, quiet our minds and make our hearts so that we may be in  communion with you.  Keep us from dwelling on the week that was or the week to come, but rather let us find true rest here in your loving presence.  Help us to be present with you. Amen.

Day 1  Genesis 1:1-5 and John 1:1-5

Reflect:  How do images of light inform your personal theology?

Day 2  Genesis 1:6-8 and Psalm 139:13

Reflect:  God created the earth within dome with waters above and below.  God created you in the womb surrounded by water.  We have been formed and birthed in ways similar to creation.  In what ways do you experience a relationship with creation?

Day 3  Genesis 1:9-13 and John 6:35-40

Reflect:  God provides both food for our bodies and food for our souls.  When has bread for your body also been bread for your soul?  What makes a meal more than meal?

Day 4  Genesis 1:14-19 and Matthew 5:43-48

Reflect:  In righteousness, God makes the sun shine on the good and evil alike.  If our lives are a reflection of God, on whom does your light shine?

Day 5  Genesis 1:20-23 and Isaiah 40:12, 27-31

Reflect:  Coral reefs are actually animals, not plants or rocks.  These reefs support millions of different type of animals.  Eagles have a wingspan of six to seven feet with eyesight four times more precise than perfect human vision.  Spend time considering the vastness of God’s creation.  What do you find most amazing?                                                                                                                                           

Day 6  Genesis 1:24-31 and Psalm 8

Reflect: Created in God’s image, God placed human beings over all creation.  What privileges do we have and responsibilities do we bear as a result of our unique place in creation?

The Lord’s Day  Genesis 2:1-3 and Deuteronomy 5:14-15

Reflect:  The word “Sabbath” means “to cease.”  What must you cease to find Sabbath in the Lord?  


Faithful God, in the midst of the brokenness of this world, we still see the beauty of your Creation.  God of life, we praise you as we bathe in the light of the sun, are nourished by food you provide, rest in homes you supply.  Lord, you alone are the source of life.  Let us find rest in your strength, peace in your holiness, and above all, let us be thankful.  Lord, hear our prayers.  We pray them in the name of your beloved, Jesus Christ.  Amen.


Heading out to the lake, woods, or campground this 4th of July weekend? In case you don't make it to church, take this Worship to Go service with you. Click To Tweet

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