Camino de Santiago | Day 13

Burgos – Hornillos del Camino

13.63 | 199.46 miles

+904 | -1,042 feet


I began the day without a destination. Every place I called was full, so I decided I would try my luck walking into an albergue. They say, “The Camino provides.” It was potentially going to be a 20-mile day.

I slept for almost 10 hours last night and had a late start. It was cool – but no wind and a sky full of sunshine. The walk out of Burgos was more scenic than the walk in.

The stork’s nest atop this arch is about 4 feet in diameter.

Although some of the walk was on the road, most moved to a wider gravel path (that was probably also a road). I believe much of the Meseta will be like this path. There are no stunning mountain views, but also only rolling hills to walk.

Even with rolling hills, we all need a little help sometimes.

The highlight today was the blessing at Neustra Señora de Monasterio Chapel in Rabe de Las Calzadas.

A Daughter of Charity was blessing pilgrims. She only spoke Spanish, but I was moved to tears as she blessed me and I bowed for her to put a charm around my neck (she was about a foot shorter than I am). Then she gave me a hug. I may have cried for several minutes as I walked away. I don’t really know why.

As the pastor, I usually do the blessing. It was very holy to have this woman of God make the sign of the cross on my forehead as she prayed for me and my pilgrimage. I have a similar feeling at the laying on of hands. To me, this is the weight of the great cloud of witnesses reminding me that I’m part of something greater. I have this image of the Holy Spirit descending with those hands. It’s always very meaningful to me.

Smiling, because I hope I find a bed.

As I approached Hornillos del Camino, I called the albergue to see if they had a bed available – and yes, they did! When I arrived several minutes later, the sign on the door said, “full.” I’d gotten the last spot for the night!

My stone today was going to be a bed because I didn’t have one. I carried that stone with me to the monastery. Then I decided my stone should be a heart for blessing – and that’s what I found.

Buen Camino


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2 Thoughts to “Camino de Santiago | Day 13”

  1. M

    Thankful for a blessing, a bed, sunshine, and not using a rock for a pillow. Love the heart rock.

  2. Chris Halverson

    I am so enjoying your daily blog! Thank you for such an amazing glimpse at the walk of a lifetime. ❤️

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