Camino de Santiago | Day 6

Estella – Los Archos

13.77|88.70 miles

+ 1,660 |-1,577 feet

Every morning is a game of “Where’s Waldo?” Except that Waldo is not a cute little boy but what muscle or joint will hurt. Thankfully my shoulder feels as though it is coming around, but I did have a surprise ache in my hip today. However, a few miles of walking and these mostly work themselves out.

Today I’m staying at a regular auberge, meaning I will be sleeping on paper sheets, on a bunk bed, in a room with eleven others.

I’m bottom right in back.

It will be a true Pilgrim experience. One benefit of arriving on the early side is in addition to a hot shower (there only three for women for the entire auberge), washed my clothes and got them in an actual dryer, and was able to get one of the massage spots! One of the auberge staff does a few massages each evening (it was wonderful!). I don’t think I’ll sleep well tonight because the pillow and mattress are covered in plastic (hot!) but at least my clothes are dry and maybe Waldo will be missing tomorrow morning.

I didn’t realize how big Estella was until we were walking out this morning. I think it was at least a mile, but once outside the city, we arrived at the wine fountain.

The winery has a fountain with both wine and water on tap. I only had a lid full of wine since it was 8:00 AM.

Overall today was a “soft day.” We spent much time walking through the vineyards and rolling hills. Rain threatened all day, but by the end we were walking in the sun. It should be a nice evening.

I always think those memes of Pinterest vs. reality are funny. Such as here is what the cute lamb cake looks like on Pinterest versus how it actually turns out. As I navigated a hill today, which was almost completely washed out, I was thinking:

What we believe the Camino will look like

versus what it actually (sometimes) looks like.

That gully was about a foot deep.

After my massage and before dinner, I visited Iglesia Santa Maria. One thing it is known for is the “Black Virgin with the light blue eyes.”

She is not very Black anymore as they removed the black coloring when she was “restored” in 1947.

Black Virgin with Light Blue Eyes
Iglesia Santa Maria de Los Arcos

I couldn’t find it on the side wall, but there is supposed to be a placard saying “I am black but I am beautiful” in Latin. At least they left that.

Tomorrow is the first of two 18 mile days. Prayers appreciated.

Buen Camino

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3 Thoughts to “Camino de Santiago | Day 6”

  1. Jennifer

    Hope your next two days go well and Waldo is missing in the morning. ❤️

  2. Judith L Holmes-Jensen

    Michelle, prayers continue to ascend for your journey…and I raise my own prayers in gratitude for your sharing your journey with us.

  3. M

    Prayers definitely for a good night’s sleep, tomorrow’s walk, and hopefully, no Waldo. Prayers of thanks for a massage, clean clothes, and your training.❤️

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