Camino de Santiago | Day 12

Ages – Burgos

13.88 | 185.83 miles

+916 | -1,245

Today’s Camino is brought to you by: the Spanish highway system. I began before 7:00 am again, because there is no sleeping late in the albergue. The wind chill was 39 degrees when I set out but the stars were amazing.

My towel that is a blanket that is a shawl is also a skirt because I did not yet have long pants. I had a happy reunion with my suitcase this afternoon. My walking pants and wool layer were the first things I pulled out. I need to take the suitcase back to the post office by 8:30 tonight because it’s not open on Saturday or Sunday. I’ll send it ahead to Leon.

Today’s walk was shorter because I walked extra yesterday to get to Ages. I arrived before noon, so I had plenty of time to explore Burgos.

Burgos Cathedral

Although the first few miles were on a path with a very rocky climb just after sunrise, most of today was walking on the shoulder of the highway, next to the Burgos airport, and through the industrial suburbs of Burgos – not very scenic! It made it very difficult to find a rock today.

Tomorrow we begin to move into the Meseta. The land will be more open with longer distances between “towns.” I will need to do more planning with respect to food and water. Thus far when the place I stayed did not have breakfast, I would walk 5 to 7 kilometers to the next place for cafe con leche and something to eat. Going forward, I’ll need to make sure I have stopped the day before to buy something or wait up to 10 to 12 kilometers before the next opportunity. Tomorrow I’ll be walking a little bit longer because, again, there’s no room in the inn.

Buen Camino

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