Church Closed? Join Us for Worship

As we navigate the rapidly changing situation and our responses to COVID-19, you may find that your congregation is not meeting this Sunday. Please join Heritage Presbyterian Church as we worship together in Spirit even when we cannot meet in person. May you stay healthy and in ample supply of hand sanitizer and toilet paper.


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2 Thoughts to “Church Closed? Join Us for Worship”

  1. Barb McIlquham

    This is Barb McIlquham, writing from TX where we spend Feb. and March. Jamie and Randy Myers are visiting us, and we all worshipped with you this morning! Thank you so much for having the online service. Your Mom told us about it. Our church that we attend here in Sunrise Beach cancelled services for the 1st time today. Don’t know if you have led worship in that way before, but you did a fine job. Liked the role playing.

    1. Well, I haven’t done it on-line before! But I have done first-persons. I’m doing one each week during Lent as we go through Matthew 26. Hope you are healthy and enjoying the weather and company. Glad to worship with you. 🙂

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