Thankful (Interlude)

I give thanks to you, God, forever, because you have acted. In the presence of your faithful people, I will hope in your name because it’s so good. – Psalm 52:9 (CEB)

I landed on U.S. soil 16 hours ago. As I write this I’m on (another) bus headed for the U.S.-Mexico border. In about two hours, we’ll arrive to walk across the border into Tijuana. We’ll visit two shelters, speak to an NGO, and gather together in a bi-lingual, cross-border worship.

Here are some things I’m thankful for in my home country interlude:

  • Global entry that allowed me to walk through immigration and customs barely coming to a stop
  • Knowing I would receive due process if there was a problem going through immigration and customs
  • No private, police, or military in airport (or anywhere that I saw) armed with shotguns or semiautomatic weapons
  • Knowing I would receive due process if there was a problem going through immigration and customs
  • Filling my water bottle at a public faucet
  • Flushing my toilet paper (you appreciate this if you’ve been to a developing country)
  • A reliable sanitation system
  • Understanding the language in signage and verbal instructions
  • The safety of getting on an airport hotel shuttle at midnight without fearing for my life
  • Brushing my teeth with tap water
  • A hot shower
  • A hot shower without wondering if I’d be electrocuted
  • A large cup of decaf coffee (decaf and large have not been available
  • Being economically able to pay $5 to leave my bag at the hotel so I could just take a backpack for tonight and tomorrow
  • A bus with shock absorbers and good roads so we don’t need them.

Most of these things I wouldn’t think about. I take them for granted and am annoyed if I am inconvenienced by the lack of any of them.

The conditions I’ll see in the next 36 hours will be the most inhumane and heart-breaking I have seen.

I pray you take time today to give thanks for the everyday things you have that most of the world will never experience. And while you are giving thanks, offer a prayer for those who are suffering without them.

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