Peace Through a Baby Boy | A Christmas Eve Poem

Merry Christmas (Eve) everyone!  Here is my retake on a familiar poem – telling the story of Luke 2:8-20.

Twas the night of the first Christmas
and all through the night
not a creature was stirring
not even a sheep mite.

The shepherds were watching
oe’r their flock with great care
while shadows and night sounds
did their best to scare.

Travelers in inns
and the innkeepers too
settled in for the night
expecting no big to-do.

When out in the fields
there arose such a clatter,
shepherds sprang from their watch
to see what was the matter.

But they could not see
try as they might
for their eyes had adjusted
to the cold, dark night.

Blinded by light
and desperately trying to see
it was the voice of an angel
that they heard clearly.

Then what to their wondering
eyes should appear
but thousands of angels
singing a song of good cheer.

The shepherds were amazed
as they wondered why
they were receiving this message
from up upon high.

But the angels sang their song
of Good News of great joy
of glory to God
and peace through a baby boy.

The angels told them to go
and see this holy child
who would save the lowly
and heal the exiled.

As fast as they could
the shepherds left their flocks that night
and went to Bethlehem
freed of their fright.

The star shone brightly
so lighting their way
off they went through the night
on this holy birth day.

They came to an inn
where no room could be found
found the family and the child
and knelt on the ground.

The child had been placed
where usually hay was strew
to see a mother so young
and a child so new.

He was wrapped in strips
of clothing so plain
God’s love breaking in
to our human domain.

He cried not a bit
but brought calm to their souls
and peace and joy filled them
amongst the calves and the foals.

The shepherds kept no secret
but told all they saw
of the glory of God
right there in the straw.

If we listen carefully
we still hear the angels sing
and the shepherds tell the story
of Christ the newborn King.

So don’t be afraid
but hear the Good News of great joy
of glory to God
and peace through a baby boy.

So don’t be afraid but hear the Good News of great joy of glory to God and peace through a baby boy. #Jesus #Christmas #Love #Joy #GoodNews Click To Tweet

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