Stuck is not something we usually want to be.  It suggests a loss of control and autonomy.  It hints there is a better option that we can’t seem to get to.

But stuck can also be a state of permanence – something that transcends the current moment.  Surely there are moments we would all like to remain stuck in, rather than moving on to whatever comes next.  The embrace of someone we love before they go away.  Or a space that has suddenly became holy.

One of my favorite verses in Scripture is Romans 12:5.  It is stuck in a paragraph about the diversity of gifts within the Body of Christ.  This diversity is truly wonderful (and a gift of God).  But it’s the claim to unity and belonging that I love so much.

In the same way, though there are many of us, we are one body in Christ, and individually we belong to each other. – Romans 12:5 (CEB)

Essentially, Paul writes that in Christ, we are stuck with one another.  Each time we baptize a new believer or receive the profession of faith of one baptized in infancy, we remember our own baptism and celebrate anew.  Baptism not only changes the person who is baptized, but it changes every baptized person.  Because we are one in Christ and in our baptism, each of us is changed as we welcome another into the Body of Christ.

Or in other words, we are stuck with one another.

Sure, there is loss of control and autonomy in this.  And sometimes, we may find ourselves stuck with people we don’t really like.  But the beauty is that our fickleness is transcended by the love and presence of Christ in us and among us.  It makes me think of the old Band-Aid slogan:  “I’m stuck on Band-Aid because Band-Aid’s stuck on me!” (You want to watch this.  With a few word changes, it will preach!)

Sometimes, we might want to walk away from the Church or even our faith.  But once we are engrafted into the Body of Christ, we’re stuck on Jesus and one another because Jesus’ stuck on us.  Thanks be to God!



Sometimes, we might want to walk away from the Church or even our faith. But once we are engrafted into the Body of Christ, we’re stuck on Jesus and one another because Jesus’ stuck on us. Click To Tweet


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7 Thoughts to “stuck”

  1. It is true, we will meet people we don’t like this side of heaven, and by grace of God, we will need to endure and longsuffer. Thanks for reminding me that it is something we need to be sanctified about and refined in the Spirit.

    1. lifeinthelabyrinth

      And a reminder that we are still connected to those we love and when we are separated. Peace to you.

  2. Michelle, I so appreciate where you took the word this week! We are “stuck” with each other as believers in the family of God, aren’t we? Some will be easier for us to get along with than others. But, as I read your words, I found myself praying God would help me to see His children with His eyes, not with mine.

    SO enjoyed your thoughts!

    1. lifeinthelabyrinth

      Thank you Jeanne.

  3. This is such a thoughtful and beautifully written post! I’m grateful to be your neighbour at the #FMF link up today. Have a blessed weekend, Michelle! 🙂

    1. lifeinthelabyrinth

      Thanks Joy! I really enjoyed the imagery in your poem as well. Peace to you.

      1. You’re welcome, Michelle! I’m so glad you popped over to read and enjoy my poem. Peace to you too. 🙂

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