The day is not beautiful.  The snow has melted leaving dead grass and piles of leaves visible.  What snow is left is black and brown.  Along the road, garbage that has been tossed out of windows is no longer obscured.  There is nothing pure about it.

The sky is not beautiful.  It is only one color:  gray.  Even the clouds are obscured by heaviness.  It is not a day to lie on your back, gazing up, imagining what you see.  There is nothing silver about it.

The trees are not beautiful.  They have no leaves, nothing green.  Seemingly, nothing living.  There is no promise of spring about it.

But this day is what we have been given.

Today, babies will be born and people will die.

Greetings and separations will be met both by “I love you,” and with silence.

Children will dream dreams.

Elders will provide wisdom.

Art will be created.

Music will be heard.

A sunset will be seen.

There is only beauty about it.

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7 Thoughts to “beauty”

  1. HI there! I’m number 43 in the FIve-Minute Friday today, and reading some of the other stories. I was thinking the same, it’s drab in Michigan today, but we must look to the beauty of our Lord! Good job!

  2. My favorite time to view trees is when they are seemingly “dead” – in the winter when all their branches are prominently seen and their solid structures beautiful!

    1. I agree, there is beauty in their simplicity.

  3. This is the day we have been given. What an amazing picture. Love the trees. Visiting FMF #32

  4. Glenn M Sheridan

    Beauty everywhere. Use all your senses.

  5. Jeannie Prinsen

    Hi Michelle – I’m next door to you at #31 in the linkup today. I love your poignant words. When I finished reading I thought “This is the day that the Lord has made” – and that alone gives it meaning. Thanks for reminding us of the beauty and significance beneath the ordinary.

    1. Yes, of course! If only we had more than five minutes!

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