Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. – Psalm 90:12 (NIV)

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I’ve spent a few days on retreat this week. The theme was Living an Undivided Life. One of our exercises was taking a few minutes to write down our “keeper” moments. This exercise was inspired by the poem, “The Book of Hours” by Joyce Sutphen. Her poem ends “…that was an hour well spent. Yes, that was a keeper.” Here are the moments that I recorded:

  • Talking with Dave all night at freshman orientation the day we met.
  • The day in Nice, the olive grove, lunch overlooking the Mediterranean, the Chagall museum – and getting lost in Antibes that night.
  • Being told by a partner my research memo was the best national office had seen and early morning hours talking with a partner through conflict on a client and issues of integrity.
  • Nursing my children.
  • Hearing them laugh with their whole being.
  • Holding them when they cry (still).
  • Hearing God speak.
  • Finding my voice.
  • Preaching Christmas Eve and Easter and the journey leading to each.
  • Seeing the Sea of Galilee for the first time.
  • Driving back to the Sea of Galilee (and renting a car from someone who didn’t speak English) because I forgot to get a stone.
  • Running with a good friend.
  • Napa with Dave.
  • The Eifel Tower, lunch in the park, biking through Normandy, an evening in St. Malo watching the tide come in and the sun set.
  • Eldest and Youngest reenacting the Titanic scene on the ferry to England.
  • My ordination.
  • The joy and pain of Church.
  • Leaving my home church.
  • Understanding a hug for the first time.
  • Driving for the first time (the Cars were on the radio) and teaching Eldest to drive.

Many of these were turning points in my life – either the beginning or the ending – although I didn’t often know it at the time. I wonder how many of these led to where I am today and who I am today. They aren’t all happy moments. Being a “keeper” isn’t just about the high points of life. I wonder how each changed and expanded my perspective. Which ones are deserved or undeserved?

The grand and simple stand side-by-side on this list. But they are all important because they are part of me. There is no judgment in what I included or excluded.

I wonder, what is on your “keeper” list?

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