Camino de Santiago | Day 29

Portomarin (Gonzar) – Palas de Rei

13.89 | 456.99 miles

+1,487 | -1,487 feet

Cars are fast. I’ve been walking so long, I forgot a taxi could drive in about five minutes what took me 1 1/2 hours to walk yesterday. When I arrived again at the Albergue del Gonzar, I enjoyed breakfast before heading out. I made it but a few steps when I felt water on my leg.

I opened my pack to make sure the tube was connected properly to the reservoir. It was, but when I pulled the reservoir out, it was almost empty and leaking water when I held it upside down. I was worried I had a hole, but no, I just didn’t get the cap on correctly (the one time I didn’t double check!). Luckily, I had not yet left, so I could refill the reservoir.

My bag and back were quite wet from the almost one liter of water that had leaked out, but my clothes would dry as I walked. Hopefully, the water leaked out through the back and everything inside my bag wasn’t wet. I didn’t bother to check because I couldn’t do anything about it anyway. I was able to put into practice another Camino lesson: don’t worry about what you cannot change.

Due to my mishap yesterday, I began ahead of the Portomarin crowds. The entire day was a lovely, peaceful walk. All the mistakes that led to my actual start today, placed me high up on Sierra Ligonde just before sunrise.

The valley was so beautiful, the clouds making it look like a vast sea. I was able to enjoy the panoramic view as the sun rose.

As frustrated as I was yesterday, today’s sunrise and view put everything into perspective.

Holy, faithful, loving God –

Give me your patience in every encounter;

Make my eyes only for beauty, seeing you in all things;

Let my heart be full of gratitude.

Thank you God, Amen.

I’m accepting the peace, beauty, and tranquillity of today as God’s gift.

Buen Camino

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