Facing Our Mortality | Worship

On this Palm/Passing Sunday, we begin our journey into Holy Week. Today’s message recounts the entry into Jerusalem before returning to Matthew 26 (vv. 69-75).

I would argue that life, the abundant life Jesus talks about, is only possible when we accept our mortality. If we don’t, if we believe we are going to live forever, there is always time to do nothing. If we ignore reality, there is always time to wait.

Facing our mortality is more than just realizing that we’re going to die “someday” or that we’re not God. When we truly face our mortality, we come to the realization that how we live our lives matters. It’s not about being willing to die.

It’s about being willing to live.


Jesus, let us face the reality of our death as you did.

Let us not remain in the garden of despair but rise and live with faith and intention.

For in life and death, we belong to you.

May our last days, whenever they may be, bear witness to the truth of who you are.

May all our days reflect your love, compassion, mercy, and joy.

For we do not deny our death or yours.

We are people of the resurrection.

Glory be to God!


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