Standing in the Garden | Worship

I’ve been preaching through Matthew 26 this Lent. This week, we are in Matthew 26:47-56. Join us for worship!

So here we all are standing in the garden: Jesus and the disciples, the guards and the crowd, and Judas holding the space in the middle. Judas is an inhaled breath held for just a few seconds, on the brink of what was, what is, and what will be. Once Judas kisses Jesus, a new reality will be set in motion. We will cross a boundary, unable to return to where we are now. And where we are now is in that liminal space, the space in the middle, the moment between the inhale and the exhale…

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2 Thoughts to “Standing in the Garden | Worship”

  1. revweez

    Thank you for a very meaningful worship message.

    1. Thank you. Peace and health to you.

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