Praying for Peace

Pray that Jerusalem has peace:
            “Let those who love you have rest.
            Let there be peace on your walls;
            let there be rest on your fortifications.”
For the sake of my family and friends,
            I say, “Peace be with you, Jerusalem.”
For the sake of the LORD our God’s house
            I will pray for your good. — Psalm 122:6-9 (CEB)

Good and faithful God, we hear the psalmist’s call to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. As we gather to pray for peace, we recognize the world is your Jerusalem. And so, we pray for peace in the world.

We lift up Puerto Rico and Australia suffering from the effects of devastating natural disasters. Our hearts ask, “How much more?” We pray for peace in the hearts of those living in Puerto Rico, a country still recovering from the trauma of Hurricane Maria. Could you stop the earth from shaking and the seas from raging? Might you provide a sabbath to heal and rebuild? We pray for the peace in the hearts of those in Australia — those living in the path of the fires, those who respond to fight the fires and evacuate people, and those mourning the loss of the animals that are such a part of their national identity. Lord, could you stop the winds from blowing? Could you send rain to quench the fury of the flames? Might life spring up from the charred earth?

We lift up the nations at war, in particular the escalating conflict with Iran. People are dying on the ground and in the air. Families are in turmoil over plans of increased troop deployment. We pray that world leaders would seek the path to peace rather than fight for power. Lord, is there wisdom you could impart? Could eyes be opened to another way?

We lift ourselves up to you and those we know who are in need of peace. For within our lives, the earth is moving, the seas are raging, fires are consuming, and struggles for control are escalating. Might you speak calm to the unrest within us? Could the presence of your compassion move us towards peace?

God of hope, let the world you love rest from disaster and strife as you settle your peace upon us. For the sake of all, may the world pray for good and wish peace for one another. God, our Savior and Shield, show us the way to peace. As for us, until the day the fullness of your peace comes upon us, we will continue to pray for peace in both our words and actions. Amen.

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    1. Hope you are enjoying some warm weather.

  2. Muskego Glenn

    So well said. Amen

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