A Prayer for Mother’s Day…for all of us

A Prayer for Mother’s Day…for all of us.

Lord, our hearts aren’t proud; our eyes aren’t conceited.
We don’t get involved with things too great or wonderful for us.


But we have calmed and quieted ourselves like a weaned child on its mother.
We’re like the weaned child on us. – Psalm 131:1-2 (CEB)

A Prayer for Mother's Day...for all of us. Click To Tweet

For women being celebrated by their children and grandchildren today…
       may your joy be complete.

For women separated from their children today, due to physical or emotional distance -and for those with difficult relationships with their mothers…
       may your joy be in what was and what yet may be.

For women whose child – born or unborn – has died – and for those whose Mother has died…
       may joy be present in the midst of your grief.

For women who lost a child in abortion…
       may the joy of peace be yours.

For women who have given a child in adoption…
       may you be bathed in the overflow of joy you provided to another.

For women who are expecting or dreaming of a child someday – and for women who are struggling to conceive or adopt…
       may your hope lead to joy.

For women who are not called to have children of their own…
       may you find joy in community.

For women who raise or love the children of other women as their own – and for women who adopt or foster children…
       may your love bring you joy.

For women one and all…
       may you find joy in the truth that you are wonderfully made.

For the miracle of life, we give thanks to the Lord,


taught Ephraim to walk,
took us up in your arms;
but we did not know that you healed them.


led us with cords of human kindness,
with bands of love.


was to us like those
who lift infants to their cheeks.


bent down to them and fed us.
– Hosea 11:3-4 (NRSV)

In all and for all, to God be the glory.  Amen.


For women one and all… may you find joy in the truth that you are wonderfully made. #HappyMothersDay Click To Tweet


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2 Thoughts to “A Prayer for Mother’s Day…for all of us”

  1. Glenn Sheridan

    How appropriate and coincidental(?) as it was one year ago that my mother passed away.

    1. lifeinthelabyrinth

      Peace and joy in your remembering.

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