Michelle is available to lead or speak at your retreats, off-site church leadership events, and special worship events.  Michelle helps participants gain a theological perspective of how God is working in their lives and congregations.  Choose from a topic below or suggest your own.


Sabbath:  An Invitation to Well-Being

Jesus invitation to well-being and wholeness always begins with time.  If we do not set apart time from our daily routine and the unexpected things that always seem to come up, God remains only an acquaintance.  As we read the Gospels, Jesus often ceases his important work of teaching and healing as he takes time to pray or spend time in the presence of God.  And he invites us to do so as well.   You are invited to spend some time with Jesus and one another as we seek to reclaim God’s invitation to Sabbath in our lives.


Services for Wholeness

From the beginning, God created us to be in community.  As a community of faith, we both celebrate and lament together. On Sundays, we celebrate that both the cross and the grave are empty and death has been defeated.  With hope, we praise God, confess our sins, hear a proclamation of forgiveness and experience God’s Word in word and sacrament.  It is in this same hope and grace that we also gather in these special services of worship to lament, confess, be reconciled, and be healed – to become whole in Christ Jesus, our Lord.  Services for Wholeness create sacred space to contemplate the entire spectrum of our life with God and our life together.


The “E” Word:  A Conversation About Evangelism

What do you think of when you hear the word evangelism?  Does knocking on doors or asking people about heaven come to mind?  While Jesus did both of these things, he also demonstrated a Gospel that was incarnational.  His goal was not to get people to become members but to enter into a relationship.  Formatted in either three sessions or a weekend workshop, explore what evangelism is (and isn’t) around three concepts:  Relationship, Testimony, and Invitation.  Each session includes follow-up activities and simple ways to explore evangelism in new ways.