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Today is Good Friday. As we reflect on Jesus’ death, we know Sunday is coming. But on that first Good Friday, a Friday that seemed anything but good, how could we contemplate what would come next when all we thought we knew had died?


The women heard
that something happened in the garden after dinner.
The men were overcome by exhaustion
unable to keep watch.
There was a kiss of betrayal
swords were drawn
and a final miracle occurred
because violence is not what Jesus sought.

The women heard
that in the wee hours of the morning
when all should have been sleeping
a trial took place
shuttling between the houses of power.
Betrayal continued.
The men fled
and Jesus was left alone.

The women heard
how Jesus was beaten and mocked
how blood was shed
until rivers of red crossed the earth.
Until finally he was led
like a criminal
carrying the heavy crosspiece
to the place determined for his death.

The women saw
Jesus nailed to the cross.
How he agonized.
How he thirsted.
How he forgave.
How he died
obedient to love even unto death.

The women went
to the tomb
to see where his body laid
to try to understand
how all this could be.
How the one who had raised the dead
now lay dead
in a rock tomb.

The women went
home to eat the sabbath meal
to honor the Lord
despite his death.
They recounted God’s faithfulness
and the promise of the Messiah.
And the women wondered
about what would happen


I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. – Isaiah 43:19 (NRSV)



Five Minute Friday happens, of course, on a Friday. This is a reminder that the world did not stop for the events of Jesus’ death. Life continued, not knowing that life would be changed forever. Today’s prompt is “next” and you can read other reflections here.

The women went to the tomb to see where his body laid. To try and understand how all this could be. How the one who had raised the dead now lay dead in a rock tomb. #GoodFriday #Jesus Click To Tweet

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4 Thoughts to “next | The Women Heard (a Good Friday reflection)”

  1. What a wonderful (and powerful) reflection on Good Friday….hope there will be a poem about the joy and victory of what happened next!!:) Can you imagine the impact to be of those women “who saw”…..

    Have a blessed Easter!!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Not sure if there will be a poem but I do have a sermon for Sunday about what they saw. Peace to you.

  2. This is a great poem, Michelle! It’s good to take some time to reflect on what it was like for Jesus’ friends on Good Friday. Although we know the end of the story, they had no idea what was going to happen next.

    1. It’s so easy for us to move quickly past the confusion.

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