“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32 (CEB)

I was at a pastor’s retreat last week, and in one session we played “two truths and a lie.”  This game is where you say three things about yourself, two of them true and one of them a lie.

To really embrace this game, you need to come up with two of the more wild truths about yourself.  “I like pizza.  I like green peppers.  I like coffee.” is not very fun. It also doesn’t really share much about me.  (BTW, I don’t like green peppers, even on pizza.)

As each person took their turn, it was fun for the rest of us to figure out as a group which was the lie. Some of us knew each other, some didn’t. We took clues from conversations we’d had over the last two days to piece it all together and try to identify the lie.

But the best part was hearing the stories behind each truth and lie.  As each person shared their story, we laughed and remembered with them. In both the truths and the lies, there was a story to share.

And this was a gift because pastors often have a primary identity (the one in the pulpit).  As peers, it’s not like we forget that we’re just regular people.  However, we are ensconced in our ministries and it’s in ecclesial settings that we often interact.  We don’t really have chances to share the quirky and serendipitous moments of our lives.

So, what are your two truths and a lie?  And who are you going to share them with?

Here are mine:

In elementary school, I played football.
In high school, I pierced a guy’s nose.
As an adult, I once hung out at a hotel pool with Sting.

And five minutes are up!  Each Friday, I get a prompt for a 5-minute free write.

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Answers and stories coming on October 9.  🙂

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  2. […] In my last post, I mentioned being at a pastor’s retreat and sharing “two truths and a lie.”  This game is where you say three things about yourself, two of them true and one of them a lie.  Here were mine: […]

  3. Rev Louise Tallman

    I don’t think you pierced a guy’s nose in high school.

  4. Rev Louise Tallman

    When I was growing up, our family had an elevator in our house.
    I met Sandra Bullock, the actress.
    I caught a fly ball which made our girls’ basketball team win a championship.

    1. Well, if you really mean basketball for the third one rather than a typo for baseball, I’ll say you didn’t catch the flyball.

  5. Muskego Glenn

    You definitely played football.

    1. I’ll tell you on Sunday!

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