Love Never Ends :: Prayer

The fourth Sunday of Advent is the Sunday of love.  In the Magnificat, Mary sings of God’s love for us.  In response, we offer this prayer to God (paraphrased from 1 Corinthians 13).

Lord, if we were to speak with only our human words – or even the words of angels – but there is no love in them, we only add to the noise and chaos of the world.  If our words are wise and knowledge deep – or even if we have all the faith in the world and rid ourselves of everything – without love, they have no true power.  They are empty.

Jesus, your love is patient and kind.  You did not come to boast or be arrogant or put us in our rightful place.  Rather than being irritable or resentful – or even say, “I told you so,” – in response to our sin and stubbornness, you simply love us more.  You show us the truth about love.

Things of this world will come to an end.  We will find the possessions or power in which we foolishly place our hope to be incomplete.  And the worldly things we think we know will turn out to be false.

Teach us to love in a way that bears the shortcomings of others; believes in the truth of your Word; shares hope in all situations; endures suffering.

For we know that love never ends and nothing is great than that.  Amen.


{paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 13}

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